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Years of experience with concrete and concrete coatings make EZ Coatings a great choice for any concrete related project. We work with industry standard and state-of-the-art products.


Parking Deck Coatings and Pedestrian Coatings (see Waterproofing Solutions)


When vapor emissions from a concrete slab are too high to install flooring products, the application of single-coat vapor emission control coatings will allow for safe installation. E.Z. Coatings installers have used these coatings to successfully install resinous floors, and to prepare concrete floors for other flooring such as VCT or rubber tile. Examples of these coatings are Koester VAP 2000 and Moisture Block.


Heavy-duty containment coatings are often used in wet wells and concrete containment tanks to protect the concrete walls, ceilings, and floors from chemical damage. They can be applied to existing tanks. These systems are often applied in a confined space – at E.Z. Coatings our installers are trained in following all OSHA-mandated confined space safety regulations.


Acrylic and epoxy based clear concrete sealers are a cost-effective way to protect concrete slabs in low-traffic areas. They help protect the slabs from moisture and contaminants.


Concrete staining is a decorative solution that can produce beautiful results at relatively low costs. Concrete stains can be acid-based, solvent-based, or water-based. They must be sealed with a clear sealer in order to protect the stain from damage.