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Water/Waste Water Treatment




Smooth polymer floor and wall systems that are durable and easy to clean. Resisant to abrasion and chemicals..


Epoxy flooring systems have multiple uses in facilities of every industry. They are durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and can range from simple industrial thin-film coatings to decorative and durable broadcast systems. Epoxy floors often have a shiny finish to the topcoat.


MMA flooring systems are often used in place of epoxy systems when a fast-curing product is required due to time constraint or when the product must cure in low temperatures. MMA systems have a matte finish. E.Z. Coatings is a certified installer of MMA products.


Urethane mortar flooring systems are used in heavy duty manufacturing facilities, especially in food manufacturing, and in commercial kitchens. They are highly durable – resistant to abrasion, extreme temperatures and thermal shock.


Secondary containment coatings are often specified in Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities. They are typically installed in areas where a containment tank will be placed, covering the concrete pad in that area and running vertically up a 2- to 4-foot containment wall to provide a seamless coating. Often these coatings are mesh-reinforced. E.Z. Coatings has extensive experience installing these systems in Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities.


Water penetration into concrete and masonry can cause a host of problems. At E.Z. Coatings, our installers are experienced in the application of Terrazzo.